The updated detailed program can be downloaded here.

You can check the posters list here. Posters size: A0 portrait.

International and eminent scientists in the field will present 30 min invited talk, including questions.
Oral presentations will last 12 min, followed by 2 min question time.
Language : Oral and poster presentations will be given in English.


Main Topics

THz applications are numerous and justify scientific and technical developments in this band. To account for this activity, scientific solicited in all areas of THz, including:
• Terahertz sources and detectors: electronics and photonics, QCL…
• THz propagation and waveguiding
• Terahertz spectroscopy systems and applications
• Imaging and nondestructive investigation
• Intense THz-field spectroscopy
• THz Near-field microscopy
• Metamaterials and plasmonics
• THz properties and applications of new materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, nitrides…)
• Applications to astronomy, biology, chemistry, environment, physics, security and telecommunications…